Wainscoting installation can really help you maximize your rooms potential at making it look great. If your interior walls are dull and your room needs a boost, installing wainscoting can do the trick to any room in your home.

Home remodeling can be fun especially if you are looking to better your home’s appearance. Wainscoting can be the answer to many home improvements needs. You can take a plain dull room or hallway and make it look beautiful. You don’t have to be very experienced to install wainscoting. Some basic tool handling knowledge is necessary but once. you get started installing wainscoting, you will learn it in no time.

Wainscoting can be installed 2 different ways. You can install wainscoting by purchasing a kit or you can design and create your wainscoting from scratch. Kits can be pricy but if you shop around you can find wainscoting kits for a fairly reasonable price. Kits come in sections anywhere from 5′ – 10′ sections. You would need to cut the sections as needed and install accordingly. Creating wainscoting from scratch requires just a bit more wood working knowledge. You would also need to figure the lumber or stock needed for your wainscoting home improvement project. Each piece of stock would need to be cut and installed individually. This method actually works out a bit easier when wainscoting needs to be installed on a wall that has light switches and outlet plates as well as any other obstacle that may be in the way. The kits  are a little less accommodating for the novice installer.

When deciding on which type of wainscoting style you would like to install in your room, 90% of the time, you will  either be choosing between a wainscoting beadboard or a wainscoting raised panel install. The Wainscoting beadboard usually comes in sheets of plywood that you would cut to size or  you can get precut planks.  Precut planks will usually come packaged with a certain amount of planks covering a certain amount of square footage.

Between the 2 styles of wainscoting, the raised panel style is harder to install. The wainscoting beadboard sheeting can be cut to size installed, then add a chair rail and your basic wainscoting beadboard in its simplest form is installed. Raised panel wainscoting can get very detailed. As you look through and view pictures, you will notice all the different styles of raised panel wainscoting. It is amazing how many different styles you can create.

Installing wainscoting will require certain trimwork tools needed to install your wainscoting. Whether you are experienced or a novice molding installer, owning the necessary tools can be a wise purchase. If you want to save a lot of time, purchase a basic air compressor kit. Many small air compressor kits include nail guns that shoot small trim nails that would work perfect on your trimwork or molding. Also consider purchasing a basic mitre box chop saw. This saw will make all the necessary angle cuts perfectly and easily. A caulking gun will be necessary in order to apply construction adhesive to the molding  and glue it to the walls. A level and tape measure will also be needed.

Once you get these item, get started with your wainscoting and you will create some beautiful, exciting wainscoting.




Mr. David Pangione

Pangione Developers Inc.

Note: All this information is 100% original. Every word is spoken from experience of being a NJ Home Improvement Contractor for over 30 years.