If you are planning on installing a new kitchen in your Bergen County NJ Home and want to hire a NJ Home Improvement Contractor, here are a few tips to help you along the way.

There are homeowners that will hire a kitchen remodeling company to take care of the entire kitchen remodeling project. That NJ Kitchen contractor will remove the old kitchen, provide the homeowner with new cabinet and countertop samples. From beginning to end, the kitchen contractor will do all the legwork. At the same time, the NJ homeowner will be paying a large premium for this service. This service can be up to 40% above the actual cost of the job. You can save money on your kitchen remodeling project if you are willing to do some basic legwork.

Your NJ kitchen installation doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. There are ways for you to install a new kitchen and not break the bank. Pending the style of cabinetry, you will first want to find out where your local cabinet suppliers are located. If you plan on hiring a NJ Home Improvement Contractor, you may want to ask them which NJ Kitchen cabinet supplier that they use. Many times you can automatically receive a contractors discount if you are working with NJ Home Improvement Contractors that are associated with certain suppliers.

If you really want to save some money with your kitchen remodeling and want to put in the legwork required, once you know the color of cabinetry that you want to purchase, make a sketch of your NJ Kitchen layout and then call local suppliers. Ask them if they can provide a bid on cabinetry for your kitchen design in a cabinetry that they supply that is with your color specs. Provide an email for them to respond and they will provide a simple estimate for the type of cabinets that they can have access to that meets your color and other spec requirements.

At the same time you are shopping for cabinets, you should also ask the suppliers if they can provide an estimate on countertops. One supplier may be offering kitchen cabinets at a high price but may be able to offer the best price on granite countertops. So when it’s all said and done, you may purchase the cabinets from one company and the granite at another.

If you have any questions, contact your NJ Home Improvement Contractor




Mr. David Pangione

Note: All this information is 100% original. Every word is spoken from experience of being a NJ Home Improvement Contractor for over 30 years.

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NJ HOME IMPROVEMENT CONTRACTOR: Your NJ Kitchen Renovation 1.2.3

NJ HOME IMPROVEMENT CONTRACTOR: Your NJ Kitchen Renovation 1.2.3

Does your kitchen need a face lift? You have been putting your kitchen renovation off long enough and it’s time to decide if you are going to do it yourself or hire a NJ Home Improvement Contractor to renovate for you. Either way, it’s gotta get done.

Let’s say you pass on doing the renovation yourself and decide to call a NJ Home Improvement Contractor. How does the project unfold from the time the contract is signed until the last screw is set. It goes in stages which are fairly straight forward.


First the existing kitchen will need to be removed. Yes, that means anything in your kitchen renovation within the four walls will be discarded. We have renovated many kitchens. If you hire a qualified NJ Home Improvement Contractor, your kitchen renovation will be completed in no time.


After the kitchen and all it’s contents are removed, you will need to seek out the assistance of a kitchen designer you feel comfortable with. Depending on which NJ Home Improvement Contractor you hire, each has their own method of handling the kitchen design. Some contractors have  a kitchen designer in house and others have kitchen designer’s that they work with from independant  companies. It will usually work out where the homeowner works with the contractor recommended kitchen designer. This way the builder and designer are on the same page as the project progresses.


Now is the time you will sit down with the kitchen designer and go over the kitchen cabinet layout as well as the kitchen cabinet style, and appliances. There are many different styles and choices of kitchen cabinets to select from so this can be a very time consuming process, so be prepared. When this selection of the kitchen cabinet session is finalized, you will be presented with a floor plan and elevations of the new kitchen cabinet layout. Usually the elevation drawings are in 3D.This clears any guessing where the kitchen cabinets, fixtures and appliances may need to be placed.


As soon as the kitchen floor plan is in hand, your NJ Home Improvement Contractor will install all the necessary utilities where they need to go. The original kitchen layout maybe different from the new such as the sink or oven location. You may have added more utility locations such as an ice maker, pot filler, vegetable sink. These new or relocated utilities will be installed promptly.

This is a great time to add new lighting. The ceiling can get 1 or 2 zones of recessed lights. You may even want to add under cabinet/cabinet lighting. Many times, we install low voltage floor lights or kick plate lights which act sort of like a night light. They look very nice at night.

Once the utilities are set in place, it is mandatory to get the necessary inspections. Your NJ Home Improvement Contractor will make arrangements for the inspectors to view the work that has been done. For an experienced Kitchen Renovation pro, this process is routine. Within a day or two and the kitchen will receive an insulation inspection also. From here things go back together fairly quickly. You Home Improvement Contractor will then sheetrock the kitchen renovation and spackle. Within three – four days again you are ready to advance.

NJ KITCHEN FLOORING: Hardwood or Tile?

Are you adding hardwood or tile? At this point is when your NJ Home Improvement Contractor would need to know. Your flooring will be installed just prior to the cabinetry. The flooring will be installed wall to wall so your cabinets will rest on a even level surface.


You got the call from the cabinet supplier and your order is in. Depending on whether the home improvement contractor or the home owner is handle the orders delivery, the cabinets will be set up for delivery to the site. Once on location, your kitchen cabinet installation lasts about two – three days. Remember this is only the cabinets and any trim you may have. Also, during this time, there may need to be some coordination efforts made between your NJ Home Improvement Contractor and the utility installation crews such as HVAC, plumbing and electrical. As an example, if you have an island which requires a GFI outlet, the cabinet installation crew must be notified that a receptical and its components will need to be installed in a certain section of the cabinetry. We don’t want wires, piping or HVAC to be covered or installed the wrong way.

NJ KITCHEN RENOVATIONS: Home Stretch             

Okay, cabinets are installed and things are starting to look nice, right? At this time your countertop’s will be measured up and a template will be made. We have installed many kitchens over the years. We will have your countertop templates fabricated and installed inside of one week. After we install the countertops, our utility connections are made. these include the oven and or stove top, dishwasher, refridgeator ,ice maker, microwave etc. These final connections are made within three – four days after the countertop installation.

I believe that about covers it. There are little tidbits that could have been mentioned her and there but for the most part I covered it. If you have any questions, contact your NJ Home Improvement Contractor for any questions.