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Home Improvements

Enhance your home accompanied by a renovation project or two. Whether you’re intending to undertake DIY renovating projects, or you will be choosing a specialist, find all the essential remodeling information you will need to know listed here. Find Saturday or Sunday project how-tos, helpful redesigning tips, and advice on working with contractors, determining Home Improvement costs, and within your budget. Browse our home remodeling pictures for inspiration. Renovation projects can range from replacing floorings or perhaps a faucet, to installing new mouldings or tile and replacing windows. Renovation can also take on the way of revamping or adding a restroom, remodeling a kitchen, overhauling your household exterior for improved curb appeal, or completing an home addition increase your home’s sq footage and add valuable space. Small and big changes can have an impact and will boost the way your residence looks and performs, increasing its value and making it more pleasant for your needs and your loved ones.READ MORE

Home Improvements- Small Home Repairs

As a Home Improvement contractor,  we all have those minor home repairs around the house that seem to never get fixed. You know the ones that I am talking about. A cracked tile, a light switch that needs replacing or even a kitchen backsplash install that you have been meaning to get to. Why is it that these home repairs seem to never get done or better yet we look at them every day and say we will get to them but always pass it up for the first thing that comes up.

First of all, to have someone come in such as a repair man, it can get very costly to have all sorts of items on your home improvement punch list get repaired all at once. Another reason is that you don’t have the experience in making these repairs. Another reason which holds many people back from making the repairs is that they don’t have the tools. If you don’t have the proper tools, that could slow you down or keep one from making any repairs or home improvements.

One popular way to gain the knowledge in order to make the home repair is to simply purchase a repair manual. Repair manuals come in every home repair topic. Or simply purchase a well rounded repair manual that covers a wide variety of home repair topics.

If you are interested in making repairs to your home, make a list of the items that need to be repaired and prioritize them. if you have a missing tile in the shower, you may want to have that item repaired before having a hall way light fixture replaced simply for the fact that you don’t want mold or water damage in the bath area. So I can say that the tile take a higher priority than the light fixture.

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Are you interested in having an add a level added to your home. Pangione Developers specializes in entire home conversions. If you own a cape cod, ranch or split level home, Pangione Developers Inc will provide you the best price for less.

As a Bergen County Contractor, Pangione Developers Inc will provide a free quote on your add a level or home addition project. Looking for an architect also? Pangione Developers Inc has that covered as well. From start to finish, we will build and manage the entire project for your family.

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Master Bathroom Remodeling- NJ Home Improvement Contractor

Do you want to have your own master bathroom suite in your home located Bergen County New Jersey and you are looking to hire a NJ Home Improvement Contractor. One concern is where would you like to build your master bathroom suite. You may need to hire a NJ Home Improvement Contractor to build a home addition in order to accommodate the master bathroom. You may have an extra room alongside your existing master bedroom that would be beneficial for your new master bathroom layout and reconfiguration. Also, if you are planning a new home, you can simply layout a master bathroom into your architectural plans much easier.

The question is, what size master bathroom would be ideal for me? You may want to consult with your NJ Home Improvement Contractor. This is a rather hard question to answer but one major factor that dictates  the size of your master bathroom will be what size is the space you have to work with. As long as the space you have available is at least a minimum of 10’x10′ then you will be able to work within that area. Again this all depends on the homeowner’s needs.
Ask your NJ Home Improvement Contractor what fixtures make a master bathroom suite standout from a standard bathroom and give it more appeal. A double sink bathroom vanity for him and her is probably one of the most requested fixtures for a master bathroom. Also your master sink configuration will consist of a double sized vanity, GFI wall outlets and vanity lights as well. Many homeowners request, if your space allows it, plan on adding both a custom standing shower and a separate Jacuzzi. Usually the shower will be completely custom made from the shower base on up with a frameless shower door to enclose it. To further dress up your shower, install body sprays with separate volume control knobs to turn different body sprays on and off at different times. A steam unit can also be installed and with the press of a button, you will have a all the comforts that your shower can offer.

You may want your NJ Home Improvement Contractor to install a Jacuzzi in your master bathroom. The smallest size Jacuzzi you would want would be 5′ x3′. Your Jacuzzi can be installed with an apron or as a deck mounted version. The deck mount version is where your NJ Home Improvement Contractor will build a landing to support the Jacuzzi. A hole somewhere in the middle of the deck will be cut and the Jacuzzi will be lifted and then lowered into the hole. The landing would be tiled as well as any walls that are exposed. You NJ Home Improvement Contractor would need to create an access panel so that the motor and pumps could be worked on if needed.

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Mr. David Pangione

Note: All this information is 100% original. Every word is spoken from experience of being a NJ Home Improvement Contractor for over 30 years.

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NJ Kitchen Remodeling Tips From Your NJ Home Improvement Contractor

If you are a homeowner or even a NJ Home Improvement Contractor looking for ideas that you can use for your Kitchen Remodeling project in Bergen County New Jersey. Kitchen remodeling can be the most expensive room in your home to remodel. Some people may remodel the entire kitchen and others may remodel a portion such as changing countertops and or appliances.

I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to rip apart your entire kitchen in order to make it look good. You feeling relieved yet? Well keep reading then. How about changing the color of your kitchen. You know that having your NJ Home Improvement Contractor apply a coat of paint can go a long way. Also, if you have the old style wood cabinets, you can resurface them as well with a coat of paint.

Do you have the old Formica countertops? Don’t you want to just toss them to the curb. Well now is your chance. Hire a marble fabrication contractor to remove the existing Formica countertops and install granite. Over the years, granite has actually come down in price so if you shop around, you may be able to find a NJ Home Improvement Contractor offering a great deal on granite countertops.

How are your appliances holding up. I bet you would like to trade them in for some new energy efficient stainless steel units. Changing the dishwasher , refrigerator, oven and microwave will really give your kitchen a new look. Pending your budget, you can even purchase today and pay a year later with some larger home appliance suppliers. Here’s another tip. Bring your old appliances down to your local scrap metal dealer and you could get up to $75 – $100 for those old metal units.

What kind of flooring is in your kitchen? Most old kitchens have linoleum. Usually they are 12″ x 12″ squares but other times the linoleum could have been installed in sheets. Have your NJ Home Improvement Contractor get rid of that linoleum and install ceramic, porcelain or even marble tile. Many times you don’t even have to remove the old linoleum. By installing a cement backer board above the linoleum with screws, you can apply the tile directly to the cement backer board. Tile up to the existing kitchen cabinets, apply the grout and there you have it, a new floor.

With these few tips, you can be sure your kitchen remodeling will be looking better in no time. If you have any questions, contact your NJ Home Improvement Contractor or click on the link below.


Mr. David Pangione
Note: All this information is 100% original. Every word is spoken from experience of being a NJ Home Improvement Contractor for over 30 years.
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You live in Bergen County NJ and you have been thinking about calling a NJ Home Improvement Contractor and having a garage built on your home? Is your garage old, run down or just too small for your SUV. Do you have too many vehicles in your driveway and possibly you want to get your car indoors from the harsh weather more often. Well let’s look into the different addition options that you have for your home improvement project.


You own a cape, ranch, split or other and the home already has a garage.
The garage can’t fit your car or truck inside or it’s just too small. Many of the older homes current garages are a bit too narrow. You can pull your car in but opening the door is a task. After you get the car inside, there’s no place for the bicycles or lawn mower.


This would solve all your problems. You can knock down your existing garage. Your NJ Home Improvement Contractor can install a brand new garage attached to your home. A full size single car garage size starts at twelve feet by twenty thru twenty two feet.


If you are thinking of an even bigger garage home improvement or the existing is not up to par, knock down the existing garage and have your NJ Home Improvement Contractor add a new two car garage. If you have an SUV, install an eight foot high automatic opening garage door.


Many times you can make the garage deeper in order to allow for storage. A typical
garage length is twenty feet. Make your new garage at least twenty four thru twenty six feet long. This will make it possible to install shelving and or an area for larger items like bicycles and lawn mowers.


Another option to consider is adding another floor above your garage. Consult with your NJ Home Improvement Contractor regarding making even a master bedroom suite, or even two or three bedrooms above your new garage. This can really solve  your problem with lack of bedrooms.

Call your NJ Home Improvement Contractor and have your NJ Garage Builder discuss some options that you may be interested in.



We have renovated hundreds of bathrooms in Bergen County NJ. Many of these bathroom renovation jobs are tied in with entire home remodeling contracts. We get many calls from homeowners looking to just have their bathroom renovated or also the kitchen bathroom renovation combination package that we offer. Home owners have a few options. They can do a quick fix bathroom renovation themselves or call a NJ Home Improvement Contractor for a bathroom renovation.

NJ HOME IMPROVEMENT CONTRACTOR: A Bathroom Renovation’s Quick Fix

Depending on your budget, there are a few easier and cheaper ways to spruce up your bathroom. If your floor and tub area tile is in good shape as well as your tub, you don’t have  to renovate the entire bathroom. For a fraction of the cost you can remove the toilet, vanity and replace them with brand new fixtures. Add a larger vanity mirror, new light fixtures and now the bathroom is taking on a whole new look. As for the tile, there are a few options. Some companies specialize in refacing tile. For a fraction of the cost, you can hire them to change the tile color. Also they can pull out the old grout and apply a new colored grout. Large home improvement stores like Home Depot supply reasonably priced shower doors that can be installed in a few hours. Don’t forget new crown moulding, chair rail moulding and your favorite paint. For less than $1,000- $2,000, you can have a new bathroom.

NJ HOME IMPROVEMENT CONTRACTOR: Complete Bathroom Remodeling

A complete bathroom remodeling is when the entire bathroom is stripped down to its framing. Then the bathroom is put back together step by step. It is best to hire a reputable NJ Home Improvement Contractor that has experience in this area. When remodeling a bathroom, most times it can be the only bathroom in the home.  In order to remodel a bathroom, that bathroom must be taken out of service for a week. The NJ Home Improvement Contractor must be fast and dependable in order to get the bathroom functioning again.


NJ Home Improvement Contractor: Bathroom Renovation


Bathroom remodeling and or a bathroom renovation are good investments for your home. If you live in Bergen County New Jersey, chances are you own a home built approximately in the 1940’s  – 1960’s. The bathroom is probably a standard 5’x9’ space with a window in the tub area, a 30” vanity and the usual toilet. Also, it’s probably the only bathroom in the house. As a NJ Home Improvement Contractor,  We renovate many bathrooms each year. We also build brand new construction master bedroom – master bathroom suites. When we complete a home renovation, that single bathroom home is now two and a half to three and a half bathrooms. Imagine on a Monday morning 40 years ago, 3. 4 or even 5 people rushing to get ready in the morning with only one bathroom in the house. This is sometimes the
case these days.


Most people now want their original bathrooms completely remodeled. There’s a couple of different home improvement options that can be accomplished here. The first thing is, you can strip the existing bathroom down to its studs. Then have your NJ Home Improvement Contractor replace it with more modern fixtures and tile products. The other home improvement choice tying itself into building a raised level is since the existing 1st floor bedrooms will then be relocated to our new bedroom layout upstairs, you can utilize the existing bedroom along side the first floor bath. Remove the wall dividing the two and expand the bath making it larger. Other times it is the exact opposite. Homeowners want their NJ Home Improvement Contractor to remove the tub making the final bath renovation into a powder room by downsizing that space. Most clients opt for a master bedroom- master bathroom suite as well as a standard bathroom upstairs
making it 2 full baths on the new raised level. With this option, in some cases there is no need to have a full bath on the first floor.

NJ HOME IMPROVEMENT CONTRACTOR: HIRE THE RIGHT COMPANY                                             

Your bathroom renovation home improvement project shouldn’t take more than a week if you hire the right company. When choosing a bathroom remodeling company, again you must ask the New Jersey contractor for references. Crewmen will be moving throughout the home. You want to make sure that they are cautious and maintain a neat environment. Checking on a few of their previous jobs and previous homeowners feedback can save you a lot of trouble.  Moving forward, chances are the original bath was made with plaster board walls. When removing this material, it tends to be extremely dusty. This dust travels fast and can usually be a tedious clean up. Proper opening covering is a must to block the flow of this material and dusty particles. Plastic barriers can really do the trick. If the home remodeling company you hire is experienced in this type of job, the bathroom should be stripped down in less than 1 day. Prior to starting the work, your crew manager should have given you a list of fixtures and tile
quantities that will be needed on site. The process we go through for our bathroom remodeling projects is the following: We have custom forms for each bathroom. Most home improvement jobs we are hired for usually have both a bathroom renovation and at least one or two new bathrooms. On average, each of our jobs usually have two – three bathrooms so in our contract package we enclose bathroom forms labeled bathrooms 1, 2, 3 etc. Each set of forms has its own tile and fixture quantity forms. These forms are left blank and given to the homeowners as part of the contract package. When needed, we will take these forms and fill out all the necessary fixture sizes and tile quantities needed for the bathroom renovation. The homeowner‘s will then go and purchase exactly what they want as far as fixtures and tiling, then have it delivered back to the job site. A lot of times, the homeowner will go to select suppliers that we use and get a contractor discount which helps save them money. Having the necessary material onsite allows us to move through the home renovation project quicker. Also, you can take your time buying these items and once they are onsite, we can start the renovation. As soon as the items are on site, the homeowners job is basically finished.

NJ HOME IMPROVEMENT CONTRACTOR: A Complete Bathroom Renovation         When considering a bathroom remodeling, we often factor in the following. In most cases, a bathroom renovation will need updated wiring and new plumbing such as shower valves and shut off hardware for the plumbing. You want to make sure these items are changed and part of the package. Since the walls are open, its best to get this
accomplished now. It may add a day or two to the construction but its well worth it. Assuming a bathroom renovation usually can be completed within a week, the stages for us are as follows.  Day 1 our demolition crew arrives to strip down the existing bathroom to its original studs. We usually accomplish this within 1 day. In a couple of hours the bathroom renovation area is completely clean and ready for the upgrades. Day 2 the plumbers arrive to install the tub, shower valve and replace the old water shut offs on the toilet and sink. Day 3 the electrical crew should be at the construction site replacing old electrical wiring, adding new high hats and even installing a new bath fan and GFI wall outlets. Now we are ready for inspections. If all was planned out properly, the inspectors would be set up for your utility inspections on day 3. Anytime the electrical or plumbing is altered, the appropriate permits are required, and an inspection will be needed.  Since the space is small, immediately after the inspections the insulation should be installed which in most cases in a bath wouldn’t take more than 1 hour for a bathroom renovation. Now we are set up for your insulation inspection for day 4. Pending the arrival of the inspector, next up is the sheetrock installation. This part of the renovation process usually is considered the messiest but if your home improvement contractor knows what he is doing, the mess should be minimal. For us this usually takes a few hours from installing to cleaning up. My crew uses a quick dry wall spackling application for small spaces such as a bathroom. This
quick dry method is only used when the homeowners are still living in the home and only have this 1 bathroom. In half a day the walls are spackled and sanded, ready for paint. With 2 days left, tile installation has to be installed in the tub area and on the floor the very least. Sometimes people opt for wall tile and even the ceiling can be tiled. Toss in a few accent tiles and a border and now the tile is finished. With the tile installation taking almost 1 day, they will come back the next day to apply the grout. Grouting only takes a couple of hours so as soon as its grouted the plumbing crew will show up later on  and install the toilet, vanity, sink and finally the shower head. The water will be turned on and you will be ready to roll. Hiring the right NJ Home Improvement Contractor will be very important in being able to finish your bathroom renovation within one week.

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