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Are you interested in learning Green Remodeling tips. Green remodeling can be done in any part of your home weather it’s a kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, installing energy efficient windows or low energy appliances. As a NJ home improvement contractor, I can tell you now that there are many ways to go green with your home improvement project.

One of the more popular ways to go green during a home addition project is to increase the R rating capacity of your standard 2×4 wall stud. If you are currently building an addition and the wall studs are being framed with 2×4’s, here are a few tips you can have your NJ Home Improvement Contractor use to increase your insulating value.

Normally when your NJ Home Improvement Contractor installs insulation in a 2×4 wall stud, he can either install an R-11, R-13 or even an R-15 batt insulation. In the past, to achieve a higher rating, your NJ Home Improvement Contractor would need to upgrade the wall framing to 2×6 wall studs which then an R-19 insulation could be installed. The difference would be very costly since the difference in 2×4 to 2×6 studs is more than double and you would also pay the difference for using an R-19 insulation as well.

With the advancement in green remodeling and green energy solutions, you can now have a closed cell spray foam insulation sprayed into the 2×4 bay. One inch of foam in most cases is comparable to an R-6 rating. With that being said, your NJ home improvement contractor can combine a 1″ closed cell spray foam and up to an R-15 insulation if needed. That ultimately will total an R rating of 21 within a 2×4 wall stud.

With the cost of energy at extremely high levels, the more insulated your home is, the better off you will be. Having your NJ Home Improvement Contractor utilize these Green remodeling tips can save your family money with a little preplanning. Talk to your NJ Home Improvement Contractor about any green remodeling concerns you may have. Also contact Pangione Developers Inc .



Mr. David Pangione

Note: All this information is 100% original. Every word is spoken from experience of being a NJ Home Improvement Contractor for over 30 years.

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