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You have decided that your family needs to add on to your home but now you are left with the task of deciding which NJ home improvement contractor you want to hire. In fact, you may not even know where to start looking for a home improvement or remodeling contractor.  here we will provide a few tips on how to decide on which NJ home improvement contractor will best be suited for you.

When deciding on which NJ home improvement contractor you think would work best for you, you want to first find contractors that specialize in the type of project you are trying to build. As simple as this sounds, some homeowners would never think to focus on bathroom remodeling contractors for their bathroom remodeling project or home addition contractors for their proposed home addition project. Homeowners shouldn’t  assume that every and any NJ home improvement contractor can build what you are looking to build.


References and positive feedback should be another item that you want from your NJ Home Improvement contractor. Prior to signing on the dotted line, have your Home Improvement Contractor provide as many references to you as you feel comfortable with. Usually 2-4 references should be suffice. Now, take those references and call each one. Leave a message entailing what information you are requesting if no one answers. Make sure you get in touch with the references and find out specifically if the home improvement contractor  adequately performed all his required duties. More importantly, you want to make sure that the references are of jobs that are similar to the one you are about to undertake. It wouldn’t make sense to request feedback from a provided reference if they had a deck built and you are looking for a multi story addition.

Here are some other ways to find a NJ home improvement contractor for your remodeling job. Go to your local newspaper and simply start calling some of the contractors listed. Request a free estimate  and set up an appointment for them to stop by to  see and hear your proposed ideas. Have 4 -5 contractors stop by over the course of 1-2 weekends. They will then provide you a written proposal but make sure that you discuss exactly the same options so that you can compare the bids against each other.

Another way to decide on a NJ home improvement contractor is to ask around and see if any people know of a remodeling contractor that you may be interested in using. Start with your neighbors. Sometimes your neighbor may be an excellent source since he or someone that he knows could have used a home improvement contractor. If the contractor was good, then you will hear all about it. Another way is to go to your local building department and see if there is a contractor in particular that often works in the area and has a good reputation. Although the building department isn’t partial to giving out recommendations, they may give you a few names of local companies that often work in their towns. If all this wasn’t enough, you may even want to drive around and simply look for homes under construction. You will see the signs posted and numbers for those contractors.

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Note: All this information is 100% original. Every word is spoken from experience of being a NJ Home Improvement Contractor for over 30 years.

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Are you remodeling your home now or  planning to remodel in the future? These days with the costs of natural gas and oil skyrocketing, it is very expensive to heat and cool your home. You may want to consider consulting  with your home improvement contractor regarding upgrading the exterior walls to your home addition from 2×4’s to 2×6 construction for your home improvement project.

As a NJ Home Improvement Contractor, many times when we start a home renovation, we will remodel with 2×6 exterior walls. This is beneficial when building new homes, home additions, raised levels or any time you put up new exterior walls. Up until recently, all exterior walls traditionally have been designed and built using 2×4 douglas fur stud framing. An R-11 insulation would be fitted into the bays between studs placed 16″ on center. This has been sufficient for many years.

With skyrocketing energy costs, rules and regulations have been put in place to make home building procedures geared toward producing more energy efficient homes. These rules and regulations vary from place to place but the idea will work regardless of where you are located. If your renovation project is designed with 2×4 construction, discuss with your home renovation contractor what extra costs are involved in order to install the 2×6 framing.

By upgrading your remodeling project, there will be more upfront costs involved. Obviously, you will be paying for the difference between a 2×4 and a 2×6. This method will only be applied to the exterior walls and not all the walls such as the interior. Since these wall will go from 3 1/2″ thick to 5 1/2″ thick you will now be able to upgrade your insulation from an R-11 batt insulation to an R-19. What does all this mean with your energy bill? Well, that is simple. You will be protecting your interior from any exterior element’s better. Almost 1  1/2 times better which means you will be locking in the heating and cooling.

By applying this strategy when you remodel, you will be paying more to upgrade with the 2×6’s and the better insulation BUT you will be paying less monthly for your heating and cooling bills. I myself have built entire floors for myself and my customers. My own home is amazingly efficient in both the summer and winter. The feedback I receive from my customers is positive as well. So sure, it does cost more to build this way but you will make your money back within 3 years or less in most cases pending the size of the remodeling job.

Another item to remember is that with the larger walls, your home improvement contractor will need to factor in the extra trim material needed to extend your window jambs to compensate for the thicker walls. Not to worry, this is standard procedure. As a NJ Home Improvement Contractor, I can tell you that the extra cost to extend your window jambs is minimal.

Discuss your remodeling options with your home improvement contractor for your next home addition or home improvement project.




NJ Home Improvement Contractor : Raised Levels

Building a raised level in Bergen County New Jersey? Not sure where to start or which contractor to call?

What is a Raised Level?  

When we use the term raised level or add a level, it refers
to the removal of your existing roof and add a new level.  Usually the new added upper floor consists of bedrooms, bathrooms and even a new laundry.

Can any contractor build a Raised Level?

When selecting a NJ Home Improvement Contractor to build your raised level, make sure they have experience in this niche of contracting. Your contractor should have several raised level references that they can provide. Don’t be afraid to go to your local building department and inquire about your builder of interest. Although most building departments are not inclined to recommend a contractor, if you are a good sense of character and can determine which direction the conversation is moving, you will quickly get a feel for his opinion, even if it isn’t direct.  Pangione Developers Incorporated. was set up to specialize in this area as well as multi level additions and complete homebuilding renovations. When removing the roof, you want a crew that knows
exactly what needs to be done. You may say to yourself that “ they have blueprints”, its all on paper, but once that roof comes down, things are never what they were anticipated to be.  Also the “actual” dimensions that are on the blueprints usually never match the plans. This is the case with existing construction. So if the room sizes are cutting it close, you have to know which direction to move in.

Timing is everything:                                       

Timing is very important. Your home improvement contractor cannot get hung up on an item because weather is always trailing behind you.  When we remove a roof, it moves in very easy to define stages that must be executed precisely. If we are dealing with a Raised level on a cape or ranch, our demolition crew will arrive a few days prior to roof removal. They will strip the entire interior of the upstairs down to its original 2×4 stud walls, ceiling beams and rafters. This is usually completed within one day. Immediately the next day my electrical and plumbing crews will arrive to remove all wiring and plumbing that’s  in the way. Things like excessive wiring, previous owner repairs and we all know what those old timer- do it yourself’r repairs were like need to be adjusted for the new construction. We have to correct any loose wiring and bring these items back up to meet your local building code. Many of these items need to be resolved immediately real time or delays will result. You need to hire a company that works side by side with its electrical / plumbing and hvac crew so when a job begins, they are on alert to respond to immediate requests of change. Its for this very scenario that I set up Pangione Developers. We make this a seamless transaction.

Wheels in Motion:                                     

When the wheels are in motion, its full speed ahead. When the weather shows a good 4 day forecast, we are ready to pull the roof off. To give you an idea of the next stage, from the day the old roof comes off, we have the new roof on within 3 days and that is
shingled. Actually for those that have hired us, most customers and their neighbors
will provide as excellent references and witnesses. We put on a show in a way
that most are just amazed how smooth the operation runs. Listen , we are not
gonna say its absolutely perfect  because I would be lying to you. The thing here is, with existing construction, there is always new surprises.

We have a very extensive portfolio of finished Raised levels. In fact several pictures are post at PangioneDevelopers.comDue to our experience, we make the entire process look effortless. My crews move seamless throughout each stage. Are you thinking about having a Raised level built? What
are your concerns?

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