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Pangione Developers Inc, a NJ Home Improvement Contractor is offering these incredible home additions in Bergen County NJ. As a NJ remodeling company, we have put together 3 of our most popular home additions packages.

Whether you are in the market for a complete house remodeling, kitchen addition, home additions, family room, garages,we are your addition contractor to call.

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As you will see, we are a NJ Home Improvement Contractor dedicated to providing a great product at unbelievable prices. Like our raised level packages, we are offering both a 400 sq.ft. and a 500 sq. ft. addition package. We have found that the majority of the time, your property setbacks do not allow an addition greater than 500 sq. ft.. Many towns in Bergen County NJ are requiring homeowners to apply for a varience when there home addition exceeds lot coverage. Our 400 and 500 sq. ft. home additions packages are a perfect size addition for your home.

Each package will include the following. We will include recessed lighting, oversized windows and complete insulation. The siding and roofing will match the existing. The existing utilities will be extended into the new room such as the electric, plumbing heat and air conditioning. If the homeowners want, we will install a large oversized closet as well for coats, storage, etc.Each package includes plans, permits, garbage removal as well as a portable bathroom onsite for the workers. Each package is ready for paint and carpet.
Here’s another option….  Take everything we mentioned above but make it 500 sq. ft..That’s 100 MORE sq.ft. for $39,900.

We know our competition, many home addition contractors in NJ can’t compete with these prices. How then can we do it? The reason is simple. We move very quickly. The old saying goes, “When you know what you are doing then things get done”. Our job stage management is dead on. We have the references to back it up.


Wait, we still have another special to share with you. Many of our home renovations are more than just a raised level or a family room added on. A lot of our customers go with our multi level package. Our  multi level addition packages are insanely cheap. You get 2 levels, starting at 400 sq. ft. per level. Our package we offer out is priced at $60,000.

Think about what you can do to your home with this package. The 1st floor can be a family room or even kitchen / dining extension.The upper floor can be a master bedroom or standard bedroom addition. You decide.

I’m sure you have some questions right now. I’ve heard them all…. I have set up this FAQ section right here. Click on this link and take a look.   Frequently Asked Questions  Also if you still have a question that I may of skipped, give us a call. I’ll be glad to answer them.

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Our prices are unbeatable

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