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Do you want to have your own master bathroom suite in your home located Bergen County New Jersey and you are looking to hire a NJ Home Improvement Contractor. One concern is where would you like to build your master bathroom suite. You may need to hire a NJ Home Improvement Contractor to build a home addition in order to accommodate the master bathroom. You may have an extra room alongside your existing master bedroom that would be beneficial for your new master bathroom layout and reconfiguration. Also, if you are planning a new home, you can simply layout a master bathroom into your architectural plans much easier.

The question is, what size master bathroom would be ideal for me? You may want to consult with your NJ Home Improvement Contractor. This is a rather hard question to answer but one major factor that dictates¬† the size of your master bathroom will be what size is the space you have to work with. As long as the space you have available is at least a minimum of 10’x10′ then you will be able to work within that area. Again this all depends on the homeowner’s needs.
Ask your NJ Home Improvement Contractor what fixtures make a master bathroom suite standout from a standard bathroom and give it more appeal. A double sink bathroom vanity for him and her is probably one of the most requested fixtures for a master bathroom. Also your master sink configuration will consist of a double sized vanity, GFI wall outlets and vanity lights as well. Many homeowners request, if your space allows it, plan on adding both a custom standing shower and a separate Jacuzzi. Usually the shower will be completely custom made from the shower base on up with a frameless shower door to enclose it. To further dress up your shower, install body sprays with separate volume control knobs to turn different body sprays on and off at different times. A steam unit can also be installed and with the press of a button, you will have a all the comforts that your shower can offer.

You may want your NJ Home Improvement Contractor to install a Jacuzzi in your master bathroom. The smallest size Jacuzzi you would want would be 5′ x3′. Your Jacuzzi can be installed with an apron or as a deck mounted version. The deck mount version is where your NJ Home Improvement Contractor will build a landing to support the Jacuzzi. A hole somewhere in the middle of the deck will be cut and the Jacuzzi will be lifted and then lowered into the hole. The landing would be tiled as well as any walls that are exposed. You NJ Home Improvement Contractor would need to create an access panel so that the motor and pumps could be worked on if needed.

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