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Are you interested in remodeling your home by building an add a level in Bergen County New Jersey. If you own a ranch, cape cod or even a split level, it is very common as a NJ Home Improvement Contractor to remove the existing roof and build an entirely new floor above. Specializing in add a levels and NJ Home Additions, Pangione Developers Inc., a NJ Home Improvement Contractor has built raised levels all throughout Bergen County NJ.

What are the benefits of building an Add A Level? Well as a NJ Home Improvement Contractor, we have found that homeowners wanting to originally move can’t get the asking price that they anticipated. So they remove their home from the marketplace and then start the process of deciding what can be done with their home to increase the foot print and living area.

Building an add a level home improvement is usually one of the most popular choices selected by homeowners. Your NJ Home Improvement Contractor will remove the roof of your home and then begin the process of building a new floor layout. The main focus is to relocate the bedrooms from the 1st floor and have them now situated into the new add a level. So now that the bedrooms are relocated to the add a level, the 1st floor can then be opened up and that living area will be created into an open floor plan.

Your new NJ add a level layout can have various different layouts but the most common would be 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom as well as a potential laundry. It is all dependant on your home’s existing square footage. If you have an attached garage, you can also gain the living area above the garage as well. If you are lucky enough to have a larger existing floor plan, you can option for a master bathroom along with a standard bathroom. Another option you may want to consider and has become very popular is a 2nd floor laundry. Most times located off the standard bath area, your new laundry location will be a welcomed option for all.

If you have any questions, contact Pangione Developers Inc, your NJ Home Improvement Contractor.